Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, landlord, or have a DIY project in your lap, Dumpster Joe will deliver one of our conveniently sized dumpsters to your residential or commercial space anywhere in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area to help you with your cleanup.

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The Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky-area dumpster rental service you need to get things done.

Dumpster Joe can make even your messiest do-it-yourself projects a breeze. Whether you are remodeling a room in your house or simply have too much clutter, it can be difficult to know what to do with the mounting mess …

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Get your valuable space back now by calling Dumpster Joe to see how one of our dumpsters can make your life and clutter cleanup easier.

Using a Dumpster Joe Dumpster is an efficient and environmentally responsible way to remove your mounting clutter. Your items will be recycled or donated if possible, and the rest will be responsibly dumped. And Dumpster Joe will make sure to protect your driveway, in addition to sweeping up any lasting debris upon removal.


How It Works

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dump-a-dump dumpsters
dump-a-dump dumpsters
dump-a-dump dumpsters

Dawna M.

Walton, KY

I'm very glad I chose this company to clear out our house after selling it. We had so much stuff we didn't want to take with us, it was over whelming and would have taken us days to get rid of.


Joe L.

Cincinnati, OH

First off, these guys are cheaper than Got Junk, local, and good dudes. From start to finish, the guys from 800-Declutter crushed it for our family. . We got stuck with a bunch of junk left over from the previous owner of the house we purchased...


Shelby K.

Loveland, OH

Wonderful first time experience. The gentleman who booked me was friendly while explaining my options, he was even able to booked me for move out junk removal the next day.


Joel B.

Cincinnati, OH

I've used these gentlemen multiple times to move things - always shown up in a prompt time, with a 30 minute call ahead to let me know (including once I specifically requested an exact time and they hit it)

Frequently Asked Questions

Every question is important to us — here are the ones we usually get from customers.


What steps will you take to protect my driveway?

Dumpster Joe takes pride in leaving your property better than we found it. We use boards under the dumpster, so we don’t scratch or chip your concrete or blacktop driveway. We sweep up any lasting debris upon pickup and when we leave, it will be like we were never there.


Is there delivery on the weekends?

Yes. Dumpster Joe can drop off or pick up the dumpsters from your property 7 days a week.


How long can I keep a dumpster?

You get 7 days to fill your dumpster, unless you discussed a longer time frame when booking your dumpster. If you fill your dumpster before the 7 days are up, just call Dumpster Joe and we will pick up your dumpster early.


How quickly can you deliver a dumpster to my property?

More often than not, we can have a dumpster to you same day. But if we can’t, we will work with you on delivering our dumpster to you as soon as possible.


What if I can’t load certain items into the dumpster?

If you can’t lift certain items or the job becomes too big to do it yourself, call our sister company - 1.800Declutter - to schedule our full-service junk removal. Our uniformed employees will carry all the junk you need removed. You won’t have to lift a finger, except when you point to the items you need removed.

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